• All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )
  • All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )
  • All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )
  • All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )
  • All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )
  • All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )
  • All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )
  • All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )
  • All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )
  • All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )
  • All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )
  • All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )

All-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press Machine ( 8in1 )

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If you run a print shop or are thinking of opening one, you’d likely need to pick up a variety of machines to print on different mediums and materials. From mugs, to shirts, to vinyl, and more, until now. With the Newly Designed 8-in-1 Sublimation heat press, you can do it all!

With just this single device, you can create personalized designs not only on just t-shirts and mugs, but also on phone cases, plates, pillowcases, bags, hats, glasses, and so much more. Think about the potential new business you can bring in!

Use the All-in-1 Heat Press Machine to print on:

  • T-shirts
  • Caps
  • Ceramic plates
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Mugs, coasters
  • Mouse-pads
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Lettering
  • Other misc. fabrics & materials.

The heat press transfers ultra-colorful pictures and letters via sublimation and dissolving ink onto the surface of the product. This means that the image will hold up over time through washing, use, and more.

The heat platen on this press is where the magic happens. It’s Teflon coated, and is 12” x 15” with a full range of heating coils for a consistent heated press across the entire surface. The platen is capable of heating to temperatures between 0 and 250ºC (around 430ºF). 

The Heat Press that Pays for Itself

You might think that a heat press like this is too much for your shop, but if you’re successful and use this heat press to produce quality pieces for your customers, the heat press can pay for itself in just one day! 

Price of a Blank Hoodie: $12
Price for a Personalized Hoodie: $40

So, if you were to print 12 hoodies in. day, and subtracted the costs of the hoodies, you’ve made $336, which is the cost of this machine. After the first day, you’re in the green and practically printing money. 

The best part is that this heat press works with so many other different products besides just hoodies and shirts. Use it to print on bottles, caps, mugs, pillows, and so much more. Set your own prices and print money for your business.


Swing-awing 360 degree rotation function.

  • 360-degree rotation: find the perfect printing angle for your workspace.
  • Safe, durable, thick aluminum platen.
  • Even heating for better results.

Digital LED Controller.

  • Digital time display, electronic pointer time controller.
  • Fahrenheit / Celsius scale.
  • Set the desired temperature easily
  • Timer to ensure you’re getting the right press for the product.
  • Intelligent, audible alarm to alert you when transfer is done.
  • Simply push down the handle onto the surface and it will start pressing.

Durable constructions.

  • Built-in structural support to maintain consistent press.
  • Full-range pressure-adjustment knob.
  • Prevents scorching
  • Allows pressure to be more evenly distributed across the entire platen when it is closed.

12" x 15" Heating Press.

  • Large 12" x 15" heating plate provides large surface area to create your own custom T-shirt. 4/5" thick and holds heat well.


  • Temperature range: 32 - 430ºF (0 - 250ºC)
  • Timer control: 0 - 999 seconds
  • Adjustable height: 13 1/2" to 17"
  • Wattage: 1400W
  • Power input: 110
  • Cord length: 4.5'
  • Dimension (w/ platen press): 15 1/4"L x 15"W x 17"H


  1. T-shirt Plate size (telfon-coated): 12" x 15"
  2. Hat/Cap Press 6"x 3"( curved )
  3. Mug Press 3"-3.5" diameter ( 11oz )
  4. Plate Press #1 5" max diameter
  5. Plate Press #2 6" max diameter
  6. Mug Press #1: 2"-2.75" diameter (6OZ)
  7. Mug Press #3: 12OZ latte mug (Cone)
  8. Mug Press #4: 17OZ latte mug (Cone)


  • 1 X Fully-assembled machine with platen press
  • 1 X Hat press
  • 4 X Mug press
  • 2 X Plate presses
  • 1 X Removable silicone pad and cotton pad
  • 1 X Operating Manual
  • Warranty - 1 Year   

Q - How long does it take to cool off?

A -  30-45 Minutes.

Q - How much room does this take up?

A -  It takes up 16 in width, 20 depth and it needs room to swing to either side. 

Q - What is the size of this heat press?

A - The size of this heat press is 12x15 inches / 29x38 cms.

Q - Does this product come with a warranty?

A - Yes, It comes with one year warranty. ( Physical damage is not covered).

Q - Which printer is supported with this heat press?

A - An Epson inkjet printer is supported with this heat press.

Q - Which are the fabrics that can be used to print? 

A - It can press many popular fabrics like Cotton, Polyester, Performance Fabrics, Nylon, Neoprene, Leather, Canvas/Woven Fabrics, Lycra/Spandex, Synthetic, Sublimated Poly and more.

Q - Which program do you use to make designs on the computer?

A - Photoshop or similar will do a perfect job.

Q - Where do we ship from?

A - We ship from USA.

Q - Which are the locations in USA where we are not able to deliver?

A - We do not ship to FPO, APO or PO Box addresses. At present, We do not ship outside USA.

Q - How many days do we take to deliver your order?

A - Depending on the location within USA, The delivery can take from 7 business days to 24 business days.


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